Shared orders

Some visitors have contacted us about sharing Papertrey orders in order to save shipping costs and customs charges so we have decided to try to start a post where you can find fellow PTI fans who want to club together.

If you do want to find someone to share a Papertrey order with you are welcome to leave your contact details in the comments section below.

Please be aware that we cannot get involved with directly putting people in touch with each other or arranging orders, nor can we take any responsibility for individual arrangements including payment and shipping, but we do want to give readers of this blog an opportunity to find others who may be interested in sharing an order.

The comments section on this post is merely a place to find someone to share an order with and exchange personal contact details, further communication and arrangements must be carried out personally between yourselves. Please do not enter into any personal arrangements on this blog.

Thanks and happy stamping!

Kate x

81 thoughts on “Shared orders

  1. Hi there, Teresa in Northern Ireland here, would love to share with a buddy if there is anyone out somewhere in the vicinity. I also drive (love it) so any buddy would not have to be on my doorstep 🙂 Any excuse for a day out is a good one :)

  2. Hi,I live in Essex and would love to find someone who would like to 'pair up' on a Papertrey order. I have got one ready and waiting to go but cannot believe how much the shipping costs are alone so if there is anyone close who would like to share, please email me at:

  3. I live in Scotland and would love to share postage for a PTI order. I have tried ordering from US PTI directly twice and for some reason that I cannot fathom they could not get the items to me but charged me the postage cost and refunded the rest of the funds for the order. It is infuriating that I have paid postage twice and not get anything to show for it. I must say I was not happy with Julie's (PTI Customer Service) response that said that it was not their fault. I have ordered many items from Simon Says Stamp in US many many times and have not had problem with the deliveries. Anyhow I would still like to get my hands on some of their really cool stamps and coordinating dies. Do contact me if you'd like to share and order…

  4. I live in Northern Ireland, and would love to order some Papertrey stamps and split the postage.Theresa I'll give you a shout as you are practically a neighbour (I live in Ballinderry!)Contact details

  5. Hi, My name is Rachel and I live in West Yorkshire. I have a spare (brand new unused) set of PTI Button Boutique stamps (ordered 2 by mistake!!) If anyone in the UK is interested in buying these from me please get in touch – email thanks

  6. Hi I live in Hull, East Yorkshire. I also visit my Family in Sheffield every few weeks so I would be happy to share postage on an order with someone in either city and pick up/arrange collection from me in Hull!?Naomi :o)

  7. Hi i live on the Isle of Wight [standard postage from Rpyal Mail]I too really love PTIi particualry want a set from them, Gracious VasesWould anyone share postage with me?mandi

  8. Hello,I live in the Netherlands and i like to share shippingcost with someone else from the netherlands. Is there anyone who like PTI and want to shere shippingcost?Carin

  9. Hi, I'm in Wiltshire (I wish "Anonymous" up there had left an email addy!) and want to place a PI order – am happy to share postage costs for sure. Why can't Papertrey organise a UK stockist?

  10. Hi, I live in Malta. I'd love to find someone to share the postage with too. Anybody from Malta? or maybe coming to Malta for a holiday by any chance ?? Thanks

  11. Hi – I'd be interested in doing an order if there's anyone else in West Sussex who'd like to split postage costs and customs charges – would be interested in hearing from you!,Steph x

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