PTI Addiction: A Warning

Okay, I’ve only known about Papertrey Ink since December 2008 so I have no idea how in 4 short months, this happened….

A Passion For Papertrey? Or An Obsession? YOU decide LOL

Steph xxx

18 thoughts on “PTI Addiction: A Warning

  1. OMG Steph!! LOL that’s worse than me! I think you need to move to neighbors are moving soon…their home is gorgeous..and I’m your built in babysitter! 😉

  2. Hehe, you could not send it all to me, could you? *lol* I would call it a healthy obsession because it makes you happy and keeps you smiling. Hugs Tina

  3. OMG *drool*! Just be sure to take another pic of your stash in another 4 months time – I bet it’ll be even more impressive ;o)Hugs,Aimesx

  4. I think it is definitely an addiction and you need serious help! And it just happens to be your lucky day as I am a specialist in the field of craftobessionaddictionomorphius.It is quite simple to cure….. all you need to do is post all your lovely beautiful stash , hmmm ooops I mean all your addiction venting items as pictured above to me and you will b cured. Of course if you feel the need to re-stock then you must not stop this feeling. However you should either forward the items to me or an even better way of curing your addiction faster is to have them delivered direct to me.My fees are free as I feel it is only right that I assist people in this world with such an addiction.HugsJulie

  5. Oh good Im not on my own then Steph, I tend to have to hide my PTI for a few days before OH sees what more has come from the US then quickly run to the shed and can stroke it happily in the comfort of my little space Toni

  6. Oh my lordy Steph I think you are addicted, if this is how much you have bought since december then I think you need to look for a bigger house soon :)Gina xxx

  7. OMG…nothing’s wrong with you! I have a little more than you…I don’t call it an addiction or an obsession…it’s Love, love, love! LOL

  8. OMG thats an addiction, but what an addiction to have LOLI wish I had a husband like yours, mine is understanding but there is no way I would get away with that …It all looks fab, I’m suddenly looking very very green … LOL

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