Thank You….Kate

I was feeling a little bit sad last week so I rang my PTI partner Kate for a shoulder to cry on (I kept her on the line for hours lol), the very next day I received this little beauty in the post….
I’d like to mention that although we’ve never ‘met’, I consider Kate a very dear friend and feel so lucky to now have her in my life 🙂 She’s the most thoughtful, caring & generous person ever!
After this slush fest I’ll probably never hear from her again lol
Love Steph xxx

12 thoughts on “Thank You….Kate

  1. Aww that's lovely, I've made some wonderful friends through forums & blogging, people I've never met, but know I can count onJan xx

  2. Big hugs Steph, we are so luck to have Kate in our virtual lives. I don't know what I would do without her kinds words & encouragement.Feel better soon, big luvs xx

  3. Awwwww what a lovely gal Kate is! If it wasn’t for her I’d have never even started getting back into stampin’ and bloggin’! She gives so much positivity and encouragement (shame my bank manager doesn’t see it the same way LOL!)Aimesx

  4. Totally agree that Kate is wonderful – but do you know something – you are wonderful too!What a stunning card – I love that set and cant wait to get my hands on it!Steph – you made my day today – the lovely file folder arrived and its even more stunning in real life – Thank you.I hope you are having a fab fantastic weekBekkax

  5. How good it is you have met one another. The internet is so amazing at bringing people together, I to have met people I consider to be genuine friends and even just seeing the same names means something;we are a tight knit community. Entirley deserved praise Steph and the same can be said for you of course. I do think it’s important to tell one another how we feel- we all need to be told how special we are every so often. Group hug!!!

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