PTI Swap Anyone?

Please raise your hand in the air if you’re interested….okay, bad idea….let’s try again lol

Basically, we’d like to gauge the interest in a PTI swap (within Europe only please) so if you would like to join in please leave a comment here with any ideas you may have.

I’m no expert and this would be the first time I have attempted a swap but I think the general idea is that each participant has to make ‘X’ number (dependant on number of participants) of identical cards, with the details of products used etc. (primarily PTI, obviously) & forward them to the organiser (me!) by a set deadline. You will in return, receive back ‘X’ number of different cards (including your own) for your enjoyment, also, there will be no need to include postage to have the cards sent to you 🙂

Sound like fun? (or are you just confused? haha) Well then put your name down and stay tuned….

Love Stephanie xxx

16 thoughts on “PTI Swap Anyone?

  1. Ooooh what a fabby idea Steph! I've always wanted to take part in a swap and a PTI one sounds right up my street! I think I can make some identical cards, though the perfectionist in me may disagree LOL!Hugs,Aimesx

  2. I've got a few PTI stamps but not much else – we could use the free papers on the PTI website somehow – they're quite small samples of each paper but I've printed some out with good results. A set of small cards would be cute – if all we made them to a certain size to fit in one of Lauren's templates we could all end up with a lovely gift.

  3. Oh yes this sound like a lot of fun, only have one set of PTI stamps, but have just downloaded the free papers so count me in please!Vicki x

  4. I'm a total scrap junkie! I'd so love to participate! Problem is my location in Sweden. Maybe if I paypal the hostess the shipping it could work out?

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