It’s A Piece Of Cake!

Guess what? I’ve been baking….but with a difference….

….side view….

….& what’s inside each slice?….

….& there’s even a card to match….

Recipe: Stamps – Butterfly Kisses & Damask Designs / Card – Dark Chocolate, Scarlet & Vintage Cream / Ink – Dark Chocolate & Vintage Cream / Ribbon – Topnotch Twill Vintage Cream & Classic Grosgrain Scarlet / Other – Martha Stewart Punches & Bigz Box Pie Die
This has been a real labour of love which is why I’d like to share it, so – do you fancy a slice? Now, I know it’s not much of a giveaway but I like to think it’s always nice to receive something in the post so I hope there are some takers lol
It’s on a first come, first serve basis (haha!) so leave a comment and email your address to – I’ll even leave all the cards blank so you can give it away yourself 🙂
EDIT: Yay!! all my slices of cake have been taken – could the first 8 commenter’s please make sure you email your address to me – I will ship to wherever in the world you are & it will be packaged in a sturdy box 🙂
I enjoyed this so much – maybe I’ll be ‘baking’ again soon!
Love Stephanie xxx

39 thoughts on “It’s A Piece Of Cake!

  1. What a beautiful creation! I just found your website and I truly love it! How did you do this? Is there a template?Thank you soooooo much for the chance to win!!

  2. This is really awesome! I'll just be happy to admire it from afar, I would not trust this piece of gorgeousness to the hands of the evil postmen…

  3. This is a whole lotta fabulousness! Well done — I'd love to win it, but I'm across the pond, and it should probably be kept closer to (your) home. Maybe someone over this way will do something similar. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  4. Gorgeous Steph! just my kind a cake too! lol! these would be perfect for dinner parties (not that I do!) or even as party bags for kids… Ooooh lots of ideas! Take care, S.J. xxx

  5. OK so I'm probably way too late for a slice of that cake *drool* but had to comment anyways to say you are a crafting genius lady!!!This is my kinda baking – and the contents have me drooling even more (I LURVE Green & Blacks Choc!)This really must've been a labour of love – I hope you treated yourself to a few pieces of choc in the process! LOL!!Hugs,Aimesx

  6. I´m No. 10, but anyway, I´d like to say congratulations to the eight girls who receive this delicate cake slice. You´re so lucky. :DHugs, Tina

  7. Absolutely brilliant Steph – its definitely good enough to eat! Been hospital visiting so much too late but I'm definitely on the lookout for that die!

  8. What a fantastic cake Steph! It's very beautiful and such a great idea. Would you consider sharing the template as I would love to try one piece out?

  9. Hi – WOW WOW….drooling from downunder in Australia. So yummy this looks edible. Thanks for sharing… to find a cake/pie template for my cricut!!! 🙂

  10. Holy cow! I go away for a day or two and what happens??? You make the most delicious, beautiful jaw dropping set there is – and give it away!!! LUCKY first 8 and thank you for sharing this very special treat!!!

  11. Steph, this is just outstanding, so beautiful and how can you bear to give it away, especially in pieces, do you have a recipe ? Do you have an estimate of how many hours it took you to do. I am just amazed and totally blown away by this -it is just one of the nicest things I have seenK x

  12. Steph – that is the most amazing thing I've EVER seen!! I absolutley LOVE it and am so scunnered (scottishism, just ignore me) I missed out on some yum!!!FABULOUS beyond belief!Hugs,Caryn xxx

  13. Hi Steph, thank you for your comment on my blog. Just to let you know I have emailed you my address. I am so excited to be one of the lucky recipients of your gorgeous cake.Clare x

  14. Hi Steph,Albeit the cake looks really delicious, I would like to give my piece to the next in line – I've had some downright bad experiences with the post office "handling" stuff that shouldn't be bended, squished, ripped or doused, and I would really hate to see something that great arrive treated with all the above 🙂 For some reason especially deliveries from the UK always get a beating. One blog candy for example was missing everything smaller than A4, because they had managed to rip open a padded envelope from the side… I think there might be some evil mind at work at the customs office here in Norway, who has antipathies against the UK… 🙂 xx,nuntps. I tried sending you an email, but got a Mail Delivery Subsystem error message saying "This user doesn't have a account ( [0] – (state 18)."

  15. Oh, my WOW!! My delicious 'cake' chocolate and cards arrived today and I cannot thankyou enough, what wonderfful work you have put into making these and then to give them away!! My other half was so impressed! I now feel myself going on a spending spree for all the'ingredients! Thank Steph you have made my day. I shall ttry and take a photo and upload it to my blog xxxxx

  16. O wat a surprise this morning when my piece of cake arrived. They are even better in reality than in the photographs! Thanks again they are great.Hope to catch your next batch of baking.

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