A week of swaps

Happy Monday PTI friends! This coming week we’re going to be posting all the fabulous ATCs from our recent swap – each and every one is fantastic and we thought you’d like to see them all!

First up a HUGE thank you to our wonderful Steph for organising the swap and, in keeping with her extraordinary generous and kind nature, making these fabulous boxes to send the swaps out in:

Thanks Steph honey! By the way the template she used was Lauren Meader’s Tucked Away Timeless Template – just perfect for ATCs!

So onto the swaps – a huge thank you to everyone who joined in. It was so exciting receiving them all – you are a wonderfully talented bunch!!

Here’s Tina’s:

And Ann’s:

We’ll be back tomorrow with a couple more of the ATCs – thanks for visiting!

Kate x

11 thoughts on “A week of swaps

  1. It was great taking part in the swap and I was delighted with Steph's beautiful box. Kate and Steph's idea to make ATCs was perfect and they would make great cards but – no way! I'm keeping them all…. hee, hee!

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