Happy Friday Eve! Soooo looking forward to the weekend – even more so now the amazingly talented Andy Murray will be playing in the Australian Open! Woo Hoo! Had to sneak peek the live broadcast of the matches at work when I could via the BBC website and couldn’t tear myself away LOL!

Anyways, enough tennis, how about Christmas?! Crazy you say? Well we’ve been meaning to share the gorgeous Christmas ATCs from our recent swap and now we know everyone has received theirs it’s time to show them here!

Check out how fabulous Dawn was organising all of our ATCs! That middle pic is all of our ATCs together waiting to be sorted into the two groups.

Now to see each ATC a bit closer…

Aren’t they all just fabulous?! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, I really enjoyed getting my ATCs through the post and I hope you did too!

If you’re interested in hosting any swaps (you don’t have to restrict it to ATCs…) then feel free to get in touch!


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