Finally – A Bow Tutorial!

Happy Friday!!!! Typical that these weeks start to zoom by so fast when I’m on my summer holidays from work *sigh*!

Just poppin‘ a quick post today to let you know that I’ve finally done something I thought I’d never get around to doing; I’ve created a little video tutorial to show you how I create individual bows for my projects. Some of you had requested if I could show you how I do some of my bows so here it is! HUGE credit goes to my very own mum for suggesting this technique btw!
(FYI if I’m tying my ribbon around a project I always refer to the tutorial produced by Dawn McVey, here)

Now before you laugh, this was filmed at night whilst Chris was out (I just couldn’t do this in front of him without cracking up!) and with my bog-standard digital camera, nothing fancy! But I hope you like it anyways and you too don’t feel fear rising when wanting to make a bow for a future project!


If you can’t see the video, trying clicking here

Now I had to put that bow to good use didn’t I?Oh and now I can line them all up *happy sigh* I hope I’m allowed to like my own cards because these make my heart skip a beat ;D

Have a super weekend! If you’re not busy, you know there’s plenty of time to enter our current challenge to win a mini-stamp set. Don’t do what I do and leave it all to the last minute LOL!


15 thoughts on “Finally – A Bow Tutorial!

  1. Errr no Aimes…… you have to be last minute for a challenge – that's the rule!! ;o)And thank you for this great video – very expertly recorded, may I say – and its always lovely to see/hear the real person so to speak. I'm going to use this method from now on as its much the easiest I seen and your bows are gorgeous!

  2. Wohoo, that´s so good! Thank you, Aimes! I don´t have this glue at home but I tried my luck with my Mini Mister Stand and two Mini Misters and it works so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)Hugs, Tina

  3. Gosh that made my heart smile to finally hear your sweet voice – I can't stop smiling how wonderful this is :DAs always totally unique and fabulous Aimes x

  4. This is a fantastic tutorial – I tried it today using some round clothes pins and the bows are beautiful. I also cased your mini-cards to drop in the mail this week to some friends! Thanks for all the inspiration!

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