Baby Gifts

***This post is courtesty of our featured stamper for September, Margaret***

So, you see your friend once a week at church. About 6 months ago, she announces she is pregnant. Week on week you see her pregnancy progressing. They find out it’s a boy. She goes 3 weeks overdue. You pop in to pick something up the day before she gives birth.

So how come it takes you til 2 weeks AFTER the baby turns up to make the gift ???!

Oh dear.

And this really is one of those “can have it all pre-prepared for the final froufrou” ideas.

But it is cute, right ? Cute enough to get me off the hook ?

* The basket is Papertrey Ink’s Basket Basics (and, people, if you haven’t used one of the Timeless Templates, you should. No P+P and they are very, very good – Dr Suess is revolving in his grave right now…)

* the leaves are PTI Year of Flowers:Roses

* the taggie image and sentiment is Elzybells – still available (just) and SUPER CHEAP

* All else is stash.

The “roses” are actually balled-up baby socks with a stick pushed in them, anchored in oasis ( find your local florist and ask them !!) You can get some GORGEOUS “baby bouquets” out there at some very fancy prices, but it is easy enough to play around and do it yourself (or google for someone who is smart enough to do it and take a video !!)

OK. At least one more baby is about to be born that I need a gift for. Guess what I’m going to make …2 weeks after the birth?!



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