A winner!

Happy Monday, peeps!

As you may or may not know, we’ve had a bit of a shuffle around on the blog and will now be announcing winners and our Top 3 PTI Passionistas on the Monday a challenge ends, and introducing our new challenge on the Tuesdays (Just in case you’re poised and super eager to check out our new challenge; I don’t wanna see you glued to the screen for a challenge that isn’t due until tomorrow now!)

So now it’s time to draw a randomly selected winner for our ‘invitations‘ challenge. Drum roll please…..

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-03-07 16:51:47 UTC

Lucky number seven is super lucky for…

Now maybe you were all busy, or all unsure of inviting us over but of those of you who did create fabulous invites made it a toughie to narrow it down to a top 3. After much consideration and oooohing and aaaahing we decided on the following:

Linby went one further from using the outline image from On My Couch and designed her own fabric covers using another stamp! We also love the repetition of the sentiment across the card!

Gerdine wowed us with her use of Up, Up and Away to create these super sweet invites. We hadn’t even considered this as a set to use for an invite but it looks fabulous wouldn’t you agree?!


Congrats ladies! If you’d like to blink with pride on your blogs with our Top 3 blinkie then pop us an email and we’ll give you the code!

Now for everyone else, stay tuned tomorrow for our new challenge; I have a feeling you’ll go to ‘pieces’ once you see it *wink*

Aimes, Caryn & Kate

P.S If you’re wondering about our featured stamper for March, we’ve decided to take a rain-check this month. Life is busy for all of us at the moment including the stamper we’d like to feature so it’ll be back for April!

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