Finally – A Bow Tutorial!

Happy Friday!!!! Typical that these weeks start to zoom by so fast when I’m on my summer holidays from work *sigh*!

Just poppin‘ a quick post today to let you know that I’ve finally done something I thought I’d never get around to doing; I’ve created a little video tutorial to show you how I create individual bows for my projects. Some of you had requested if I could show you how I do some of my bows so here it is! HUGE credit goes to my very own mum for suggesting this technique btw!
(FYI if I’m tying my ribbon around a project I always refer to the tutorial produced by Dawn McVey, here)

Now before you laugh, this was filmed at night whilst Chris was out (I just couldn’t do this in front of him without cracking up!) and with my bog-standard digital camera, nothing fancy! But I hope you like it anyways and you too don’t feel fear rising when wanting to make a bow for a future project!


If you can’t see the video, trying clicking here

Now I had to put that bow to good use didn’t I?Oh and now I can line them all up *happy sigh* I hope I’m allowed to like my own cards because these make my heart skip a beat ;D

Have a super weekend! If you’re not busy, you know there’s plenty of time to enter our current challenge to win a mini-stamp set. Don’t do what I do and leave it all to the last minute LOL!


Couch Surprise Card Tutorial


Well the PC has been set up at our new home (thanks to Chris!) so I can now post a couple of things that I created and photographed before we boxed up and moved out!

Firstly, remember the card I created for Challenge 13: Cherished Colour?
I said I’d explain the chaos in the background later didn’t I? I know this is much later but I still thought I’d tell ya! This card is a copy of my winning PTI August GSS entry; I was creating a tutorial to show how I made my ‘couch surprise’ card so was taking pics every step of the way creating this! Now I’ve managed to edit some of the pics, I figured I’d share with you all how I made it. It’s easy peasy if I can make it and suits just about any occasion and recipient!

So without further ado, how to make a ‘couch surprise card’…

Step 1
Stamp out your couch and colour (I used a circle nestie to stamp inside and promarkers to colour with directly onto Kraft card – I love colouring onto Kraft! I also added some detail with a white gel pen)
Then using a craft knife, cut across the top of the cushions you’d sit on (this is where the money slides out!)
Step 2
Now to make the pocket that will hold the money. I decided to use vellum as it’s thinner than PTI cardstock so will slide easily in and out of the slit in the couch.
I figured it’s easier to show you the template I created with the measurements written by the side (in centimetres). It’s easy if you start with a piece 14cm x 4.25cm and alter to recreate the following pic. After cutting this out, score down the 1cm flaps and across where the narrow strip meets the wide part.

Step 3
Fold the side tabs inwards first, then stick them to the narrow strip. I do it this way so the back of my pocket remains a smooth piece of vellum without any risk of glue or folded tabs making it get stuck!
As you can see on the pic, the tabs are glued inside the pocket rather than wrapped around the outer sides so the back is tab free (gosh I hope that makes sense!) Step 4
I then stamped my cushion onto cardstock and cut a thin piece of card slightly narrower than the cushion. Apply some thin sticky tape to the top of the pillow and attach the card. The reason I apply it to the top of the pillow is so the pillow sits nicely on the sofa and overhangs on the slit in the sofa.
The strip of card is then stuck to my vellum pocket (the card adds more stability for when the pocket is pulled and pushed – vellum will tend to crumple!)After creating the pocket, test it in the sofa to make sure it moves freely and nothing catches!Step 5
Next, prepare the card blank BUT DON’T STICK IT TOGETHER YET (go on, ask me how I know LOL!) You need a card blank and another layer on top – I’ve picked kraft as a base and New Leaf as the layer here (scrummy!) but you can choose whatever the occasion suits! Plan where you want the sofa to be, and using a pencil, draw around the circle (or whatever shape your sofa is on!) remember you need enough room for the pocket to hide so portrait is the best orientation for this kinda card!Step 6
Using a craft knife, cut a large gap to ensure your pocket will fit nicely behind this layer. Leave enough of a border to stick down your sofa though. I love that I don’t have to be too accurate with this and as no-one sees it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little messy!
Step 7
Stick the sofa onto the card, threading the pocket through the gap you’ve just cut out.
Step 8
Decorate the rest of the front panel (I’ve wrapped coordinating vellum around the bottom half; drawn around the sofa circle with a white gel pen using the nestie it was cut with; cut another circle with the a sentiment on and added some yummy enchanted evening ribbon) Then add plenty of 3-D foam around the edges of the card, though not in the middle as this will prevent your pocket from working!

Step 9
Put your treat into the pocket (I went with a £10 note but it depends on just how generous you’re feeling ;D) and place the pocket back into the sofa.
Then attach the layer to your base card

Step 10
Ta Dah! Couch surprise card complete!

Card with sliding tab down…
…pillow picked up to find a nice treat down the back of the sofa!
So there ya go – a couch surprise card in 10 easy steps! This card totally justifies the purchase of the On My Couch stamp set for me, I did wonder if I’d ever use it but I ADORE it!

I hope somebody found my tutorial kinda interesting or useful….obviously you can alter some of the dimensions for your own requirements! If you do have a go I’d love to see the results!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Catch ya later!