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L to R: Aimes, Kate & Caryn

Hello! We’re Kate, Aimes and Caryn and we became friends thanks to our love of stamping. We thought you might like to get to know us a bit!

First up, where do you live?

Aimes: Sheffield, England (though I’ll always be a Derbyshire girl!)

Kate: In Somerset in the South West of England.

Caryn: The Wirral (the wee jutty out bit between North Wales and Liverpool) but I am a Glaswegian through and through.

What do you do for a living?

Aimes: I work in a secondary school teaching literacy; supporting students with special educational needs and working with students with behavioural difficulties. It’s fun – honest!

Kate: My main job is a Pilates Instructor – I work in a Pilates Studio where we do a lot of rehabalitation work and I also teach matwork classes. I used to be a journalist and also work part-time as an editorial assistant on a magazine.

Caryn:  I run my own estate and lettings agency on the Wirral but I was a biology teacher in another life.

What are your hobbies?

Aimes: You mean other than stamping?! Well you can find me on a football (soccer) pitch most weeks with a great team of ladies. I also love to doodle/draw as well as being a bit of a gaming geek at times!

Kate:  I love dancing (I do ballroom and latin, ballet and tap and salsa) and I sing in two choirs.  Other than that I love creating anything – baking, sewing, photography and stamping of course!

Caryn:  Well, having 5 children leaves me precious little time for hobbies BUT when I do find time I love baking, eating (see item 1), cinema, photography etc.

How did you get into stamping?

Aimes: I visited a shop years ago and treated myself to a couple of stamps. The rest, as they say, is history! I was introduced to this wonderful on-line community by Kate and we’ve been friends ever since. I couldn’t even begin to dream of the creative adventures I would experience thanks to her super kind words from the start.

Kate: My dear friend, Susie, in America used to send me beautiful hand-made cards and I never quite understood how she made them! Then when I started reading her blog, and then many other stamping blogs it all made sense, and the rest is history!!

Caryn:  A friend of mine had attended a card making class at a local craft shop and I was SO impressed with what she had made I joined her on the next one.  I was hooked from day one!!

Who or what influences you?

Aimes: One word: EVERYTHING! I can’t turn my brain off – it’s a problem so I have to carry a notepad everywhere. An advertisement, an arrangement of crayons at work, a dress, anything can trigger that eureka! moment for me.

Kate: Like Caryn Pinterest is my go-to mojo booster! I’m quite addicted! Other than that fellow crafters, fabric, stationery and colour and designs in day-to-day life that catch my eye.

Caryn:  I agree with Aimes – I get inspired by just about anything.  I also love poring through blogs and of course since the invention of Pinterest there just isn’t any excuse to feel uninspired any more!

How would you describe your style?

Aimes: Clean and Simple (CAS) I’m more of a simplicity over complexity kinda gal. Though Although CAS may look simple, you’ve no-where to hide so I feel like I have to think through every. single. element. It takes me way longer than the finished product would suggest!

Kate: CAS all the way! I love clean lines, lots of white space and bright colours.

Caryn:  Depends what mood I’m in – mostly I’m a CAS girl too but there are times when I just can’t stop layering and adding doodads and wotsits!

What do you love about PTI?

Aimes: I love the way everything coordinates – ribbons, paper, cardstock, buttons etc… I love being able to just get stuck in and know that everything matches to perfection.

Kate:  Being able to co-ordinate everything in a snap, an inspirational design team and a fabulous range of dies.

Caryn:  Having everything that co-ordinates takes a lot of the hard work out of bringing something together that works and looks professional.  The stamp designs are also some of the best on the market and I love how versatile they are.  Oh and the dies, I love  the dies too!!

What’s the one PTI product you couldn’t live without?

Aimes: I thought this would be a toughie, but when I think about it, it’s simple. The canvas and linen impression plate is a product you’ll have to prise out of my hands. I use it on just about every project! I thought it was a phase but I can’t see me growing out of love for it! 🙂

Kate: Aqua Mist cardstock, and ink, and ribbon, and buttons and felt – get the idea?!

Caryn:  Pure Poppy ribbon – all of them!!

And finally, what are a few of your favourite things?!

Aimes: Laughing until it hurts, fuddles (a Derbyshire term for a gathering of good company along with everyone bringing an item of food/drink), the sound of snow crunching under your feet, and sleep! Random, but true!

Kate: Pale pink nail varnish, Muse, Laduree Macaroons, bikes with baskets, watching old movies in front of a fire on a winter’s day, turquoise, walks on the beach, peonies

Caryn:  Christmas, Halloween, Pure Poppy, polka dots, True Blood, surprises, holidays, baking and decorating cupcakes.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Love the sneaky peeks into your ‘other’ lives, ladies, but where are the links to your blogs ??? I like to lurk around them for inspiration too !!!
    Thanks for hosting APFP- I love it x

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