Challenge – Super Stars!


Time to kick-start the creative mojo after indulging way too much over the festive season! Sorry this challenge is set a little later than normal – it’s taken me ages to get off the sofa after scoffing so much LOL!!

So for this challenge we want you to think about stars. We’d love to see stars featured on your projects – it could be one star or many stars and can be for ANY occasion! Don’t limit yourself to just star stamps though – you could think about die-cutting, a star shaped card, star patterned DP etc…In fact, don’t just limit yourself to a card! You could create a tag, a box, anything so long as it features a star!

So here’s my example:
Completely threw myself outta my comfort zone with this – still unsure about it! I’m not sure if you can tell that the DP is from my Bitty Stars Basics pack so I’ve got stars featuring twice (I’m sure you can’t miss the big star ;D)

Card Recipe

Stamps: Star Prints
Ink: Lemon Tart/True Black
Cardstock: True Black/Stamper’s Select White/Lemon Tart/Lemon Tart 2008 Bitty Star Basics
Other: Nestabilities/Adhesive Gems/Paper Piercer/Fine Black Pen

Kate has finally found her camera cable – hurrah! So although she can now upload her amazing creations – she’s now jetting off to America for a couple of weeks! Lucky thing! This means that she’s a little busy at the mo enjoying herself in much higher temperatures than here! Though fear not, she’ll be back soon!

Our Guest Stamper Taheerah has provided us with this lovely example too! I’m really impressed that she didn’t make a dash for the Star Prints set as I know it’s one we both love soooooo much!
Thanks Taheerah for providing us with some fabulous examples for our challenges this month!

Card Recipe

Stamps: Let Freedom Ring!/Signature Greetings
Ink: Scarlet Jewel/Sweet Blush/True Black
Cardstock:Vintage Cream/Sweet Blush/Scarlet Jewel
Other: Kars Extra Fine Glitter/Martha Stewart Punch

So here are the deets:

  • All entries must contain at least one PTI product to qualify
  • To enter, leave a comment with a link to your post featuring the project on your blog or online gallery.
  • Worldwide entries are more than welcome to share the inspiration, but unfortunately prizes can only be shipped within Europe!
  • Challenge closes on Monday 11th January 2010 at 9.00am GMT
  • A winner will be chosen at random to receive a collection of PTI goodies!

We can’t wait to see what you make us starstruck with (yup, cheesy pun totally intended there btw!)

Aimes and Kate x x

1. Katie
2. Lesley
3. Dawn
4. Margaret
5. Linby
6. Karen
7. Mandy
8. Hanne
9. Caryn
10. Linda
11. Vicki
12. Vannessa

26 thoughts on “Challenge – Super Stars!

  1. Great examples ladies, I thought I was going to struggle with this one but the star punch came to my rescue :O) New YearDawnxoxo

  2. Hi folks – my second attempt at one of your challenges (and using the same set – brownie points for that??!) Here's the link a great 2010 !!

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